Our mission is to impact lives and preserve the Hard Bargain neighborhood...


Our Vision

‣ Restore the neighborhood through rehabilitation and construction of new affordable housing

‣ Utilize the community center for educational opportunities, job training, technological advancement, social interaction and community building

‣ Transform the neighborhood into a vibrant community to be proud of for generations to come.



Our Programs

HBA is working together with the residents of this historic neighborhood to restore and rebuild it into what their vision is for the neighborhood and its future. We do this by having regular community meetings, design workshops, and having residents of the neighborhood on our board of directors and advisory board. Volunteers help in various ways including doing rehab projects on homes (repairs, painting, roofing, etc…) landscaping, gardening, clean up,  fundraising events and other volunteer projects.

The emphasis is on restoring the current community and not allowing gentrification of this historic neighborhood. HBA repairs existing homes and offers quality, affordable homes for purchase to people who have not been able to attain the dream of home ownership. This is possible with the help of donated services and materials, volunteer labor, and financial contributions.



We build new homes and sell them below market value for low to moderate-income families. The first step is to contact Steve Murray at Community Housing Partnership, 615-790-5556, and set up an appointment  to fill a Housing Questionnaire and sign up for Homebuyer Education classes, a requirement to purchase one of our homes.


Volunteers do repairs on the homes of elderly and low-income residents in Hard Bargain. If you are a Hard Bargain resident and need a repair on your home, call our office at 615-591-0504.


TY'S HOUSE Community Center

We offer computer classes, cooking classes, and a variety of other classes and programs during the year. Also, you can rent the community center building for events and private parties. Contact Ashley Pope at ashley@hardbargain.org or call 615-591-0504.




Please join us as we serve our neighbors in Hard Bargain in need of home repairs.

There are many ways to volunteer with Hard Bargain Association. The most common way to volunteer is with our Rehab Program, where we do repairs on the homes of elderly and low-income residents in Hard Bargain. Groups and individuals can volunteer in a variety of capacities from painting, carpentry, landscaping, and doing other repairs. We need volunteers for our events, programs, and doing yard work and cleaning at Ty’s House, our community center. Additionally, there we can use volunteers for administrative duties and professional services (graphic design, financial management, and other services). For information on volunteering, contact Ashley Pope at ashley@hardbargain.org or call 615-591-0504.



We are a grassroots, non-profit organization and depend on the generosity of donors to help us fund our programs and operating budget. There are multiple ways to make a donation, but the easiest is right here on our website. For detailed instructions on how to help, click below.


We looked forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God. 

Hebrews 11:10